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Baby Sshh
  • Baby Sshh

Baby Sshh

Had enough of the crying game?

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    Baby Sshh

    Who said you can't buy happiness?

    Everyone loves babies. Trouble is the adorable little angels have a habit of crying. Lots. In fact experts reckon the average baby cries for 3 hours a day. And that's a mighty long time when you're an emotionally drained parent with pureed carrot all over your sleeves. So what's the solution? No, you don't hum tuneless lullabies, prance around the room impersonating a quacking horsey or start boo-hoo-ing yourself (although we've tried all three). You buy a Baby Sshh.

    Baby Sshh

    Scientifically developed to distract crying babies

    Scientifically developed by Tomy in association with the world-renowned Japan Acoustics Laboratory, headed by Dr Matsumi Suzuki, this revolutionary musical soft toy has been designed to bring baby's crying to a soothing halt. And unlike rival gizmos, it really works!

    Baby Sshh

    Hold down right button to play special
    "mood melody"

    Velcro strap for easy attachments

    Press tummy to use as a traditional squeaky toy

    Try me! - click on cheeks
    (Flash required)

    Simply press Baby Sshh's cheeks and it plays instantly enthralling melodies with shifting tempos and powerful 'curiosity triggers' designed to make baby forget the reason he/she is crying. It's truly miraculous. In trials almost 80% of mums said they would recommend this cutesy companion to their friends. Indeed the baby media is going gaga (and quite possibly googoo) over Baby Sshh. And if you've experienced the relentless waa-waa-ing of a baby, you'll understand why.

    Baby Sshh

    Easy to open

    On/off switch

    Sound control

    As well as its astounding settling abilities, Baby Sshh is a bright and colourful friend for baby. And thanks to a handy strap it can be attached to cots, prams, buggies or car seats.

    Baby Sshh


    Developed for babies from birth onwards, Baby Sshh should also distract crying toddlers, although we can't say if it works on older kids (well it didn't when our boss discovered he'd forgotten to video LazyTown). And that reminds us, Baby Sshh is not intended to stop a baby from crying when there is genuine problem, such as illness, hunger, windy-pops, tiredness etc. It's for those crying-for-no-discernable-reason moments. And as any parent knows they happen rather a lot. So what are you waiting for? Silence is golden. Sshh!

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