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Baby Cakes Gift Set
  • Baby Cakes Gift Set

Baby Cakes Gift Set

Baby, you can wear my cupcakes!

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    Opening the Baby Cakes Gift Set

    Mmm... oh, they're PJs, silly me!

    Giving a newborn baby a pair of cute pyjamas is very sweet but it’s hardly rattle-shatteringly original, is it? So why not say ‘googoo-gaga’ to clichéd gifts and present said baby with a pair of PJs disguised as yummy-looking cupcakes. Ooh, they look good enough to eat!

    At first glance each adorable Baby Cakes Gift Set looks like it contains a pair of delicious cupcakes. But look closer and you’ll see they are actually skilfully folded pyjamas. One ‘cupcake’ is a long-sleeve top, the other is a pair of stripy troos. Aw, bless.

    The Blue and Pink Baby Cakes

    Available in Blue or Pink and sizes 0-6 months and 6-12 months

    Cupcake label on the Baby Cakes Gift Set

    Cupcake label!

    Available in blue or pink, these beautifully packaged 100% cotton PJs come in two sizes: 0-6 months and 6-12 months. But don’t worry about the life span of your super original pressie because sleep-deprived parents will be trying (and failing) to fold their ikkle jimmy jams back into cupcakes for yonks. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Googoo!

    The Blue PJs from the Baby Cakes Gift Set

    Blue PJs

    The Pink PJs from the Baby Cakes Gift Set

    Pink PJs

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