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Baby Blooms

Bouquets of babywear

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    Baby Blooms

    If you’re a parent, you’ll recall being unable to move for congratulatory flowers when baby was born. They looked gorgeous and smelt divine, but were about as much use as potties made of pureed turnips. So thank goodness for Baby Blooms.

    Baby Blooms

    Mum, there are socks in
    my bouquet!

    At first glance, each gorgeous bouquet looks like a professionally arranged bunch of flowers. But take a closer look and you’ll notice the flower buds are actually hand-rolled baby essentials: four pairs of socks, a hat, two bodysuits, bib and a pair of scratch mittens. How forehead-slappingly brilliant is that!

    Once recipients have removed and unrolled the garments they can keep the remaining arrangement of delicate silk flowers and hand-tied foliage as an everlasting keepsake.

    Baby Blooms

    Beautifully packaged

    Ideal as a baby shower pressie, maternity leave gift or irony-laden hint, Baby Bloom bouquets are available in blue or pink, and come packaged in a beautiful presentation box complete with gift card. The machine-washable clothes are suitable for infants 0-4 months old, but don’t worry about the life span of your present because stir-crazy, sleep-deprived mums and dads will be trying (and failing) to refold the bodysuits into blooms for ages. This really is the gift that keeps on giving.

    Following a quick straw poll amongst parents here at Firebox HQ, we can confirm that no one remembers who gave what when baby was born. But buying a gift as useful, unique and imaginative as this will ensure everyone remembers you as the most innovative pressie-buyer in town.

    Baby Blooms

    Available in blue or pink

    As well as being a unique way to present clothes for a newborn, Baby Blooms are a stunningly original alternative to regular flowers. Plus they won’t droop after a week. So hurry up and get ordering – someone will be getting a visit from the stork sooner or later, so you might as well be prepared.

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