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BCE Table Football

    BCE Table Football

    A timeless classic

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      Forget PlayStation after the pub or during a lazy weekend - far better for a bunch of people to be crowded around a football table, firmly ensconsed in a tournament. It's a game open to all-comers, from the spinners (to spin or not to spin, the eternal question for table footballers) to those who feel they can caress the ball with the deftest turn of the wrist.


      This table isn't as massive as some on the market, but it's hardwearing and well-made. It's fairly stable as well and doesn't suffer from excess wobble. Plus, not being huge means it can fit in less space - a vital factor for many thinking of investing in a piece of game furniture.


      Despite being decades old, and being called "babyfoot" by our French brethren, table football remains one of the coolest and continually enjoyable games you can play. Boredom isn't an option, as there is always room to improve your skill. Quite simply, purchasing table football is an investment in years of entertainment and fun.

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