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BBQ Sword
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BBQ Sword

I've got no beef with you

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Sh*t Hot right now
  • Lunge wildly at the grill
  • Strike fear into Impress your BBQ guests
  • Two-pronged, stainless steel sausage stabber
  • Hand-guard to protect you from flames and fat squirts
  • Use it to settle barbecue disagreements
  • My name is Inigo Montoya. You grilled my burger. Prepare to die.


Don't get us wrong, being in charge of the BBQ is a great honour, but it can get exceedingly tedious – guests making annoying requests, telling you how you should and shouldn't light the coals etc.

With the BBQ Sword in hand you can strike fear into command the respect of your barbecue guests so you can skewer meat in peace. This twin-pronged fork is fashioned to resemble an old school musketeer-style sword, complete with wooden handle and metal hand-guard to protect your digits from flames and squirting fat.

It even comes with a cardboard mask so you can drop burgers and put them back on the grill, touch cooked food with raw meat hands, and burn all the sausages with total anonymity.

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