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BBQ Planks

Stick another plank on the barbecue

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    Adds an incredible flavour to meat, fish and veg

    We’ve come across some right planks over the years, most of whom we’d love to chuck on the barbecue. But none of them would make our meat taste as delish as a BBQ Plank. Smokin’!

    Popular amongst outdoor cooking fans across the Americas for centuries, particularly in steak-loving Argentina, these wooden slabs impart incredible flavour to meat, fish, veg and even fruit. The idea is to pre-soak your plank in water (insert puerile joke as required) to refresh its just-cut flavour before placing it on the grill and closing the lid until it starts to smoke.

    Next, pop your food directly onto the plank and cook. When it’s done simply lift off the entire shebang (careful, it’s hot) using the plank as a serving dish. Hey presto, wood smoked nosh, juicier and significantly more tasty than anything cooked on coals alone.

    Juicy steak on oak plank Tasty salmon on cherry plank Stuffed trout on cherry plank

    Juicy steak on oak plank

    Tasty salmon on cherry plank

    Stuffed trout on cherry plank

    If you’re a halfway decent barbecuer each plank can be used over ten times, or at least until it’s more charcoal than wood. When it’s time to say goodbye just chuck it on the barbie. Eco-friendly? Absolutely.

    Needless to say, different woods impart different flavours so we’re offering four varieties:

    Oak gives a heavier smoke flavour. Ideal for red meat and game, this is probably the best wood for steak.

    Cedar is the traditional wood for fish and imparts a sweet, spicy flavour but is also fantastic for fruit.

    Beech gives a subtle sweet flavour, great for poultry, pork, lamb and veg.

    Cherry offers a subtle mild, fruity flavour and is excellent for poultry, fish, fruit and veg.

    When soaking your BBQ Plank you can tweak its flavour by adding white wine, beer, cider, fresh herbs or anything else you fancy to the water. This really is back-to-nature cooking at its finest. All you need now is some sunshine. C’mon, start planking!

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