BBQ Pizza Pan
  • BBQ Pizza Pan

BBQ Pizza Pan

Bake it on the barbie

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    BBQ Pizza/Universal Pan

    Pizza on the barbie

    We all like a nice BBQ pizza – whether it’s with oak-smoked chicken, or hickory-dipped veggies – but how about taking your tastebuds up a notch and actually cooking your pizza on the barbie? It might sound baking mad, but the BBQ Pizza Pan lets you do just that.

    The Teflon-coated perforated design sits on the grill, keeping your pizza from falling in the flames, but letting the air still get to the underside. Ensuring your pizza comes out piping hot with a crispy base.

    Not pizza fan? No problem! Ditch the perforated tray and just use the non-stick pan instead. Whip up an omelette, paella, or tray of mixed vegetables – a perfect accompaniment to the usual meat mountain.

    BBQ Pizza/Universal Pan

    Pizza plate and paella pan

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