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BB Battle Tanks
  • BB Battle Tanks

BB Battle Tanks

Don't mention the war!

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    BB Battle Tanks: Tiger

    The Tiger: "Ready, aim, fire!"

    There's nothing quite like taking command of a tank. Except perhaps taking command of a 1/16 scale R/C tank. Okay, so you can't climb inside or pulverise everything in your path but at least you can experience that feeling of power as your caterpillar-clad war machine trundles along, scaring the pants off cats, dogs and anything else in its way. (Yes, we know cats and dogs don't wear pants but you catch our drift).

    Getting started:

    BB Battle Tanks

    Read the instructions and safety points carefully!

    Add the stickers...

    ...and place the Tank Operator in position!

    BB Battle Tanks

    Your stationery is no obstacle for the Panzer III!

    The R/C BB Battle Tank is a seriously realistic, fully functioning replica of a World War II tank and it's just as fearsome as its full size counterpart. But here's the good bit: using self-generated compressed air this formidable vehicle is capable of firing plastic ball bearings from its swivelling, elevating turret. And it doesn't just plop out its ammo willy-nilly; it utilises back-spin to increase the BB's range and vertical accuracy. This means you can hit the included paper targets from 25 metres away. Better still you can fire whilst stationary or on the move. Terrifying!

    Firing the BB Pellets:

    BB Battle Tanks

    Load up bay with BB pellets...

    Flick the switch...

    Fire up to 25m using your radio control unit!

    Battle Tank Manouvres:

    BB Battle Tanks

    Super spin the tank around

    Rotate the turret

    Adjust the angle of
    the gun

    BB Battle Tanks: the Panzer III

    The Panzer III

    Featuring full suspension, stickers, a commander figure and rear mud flaps, the rechargeable, ready-to-run R/C BB Battle Tank is built like...well, like a tank, and it will traverse all manner of tough terrain, both indoors and outside.

    BB Battle Tanks

    Radio control: It's all in your hands now!

    Armed with the accompanying twin toggle controller you can recreate famous WWII battles without risking life and limb. And although war is a nasty business you might even be tempted to put on a pair of goggles and yell 'schnell!' every five seconds. After all, who hasn't fantasised about getting behind the complex controls of one of these awesome colossuses, especially a WWII style model. Ooh, ja!

    BB Battle Tanks

    The Panzer III and Tiger BB Battle Tanks

    BB Battle Tanks: Panzer III

    1/16 scale R/C Panzer III BB Battle Tank

    Unlike a real tank commander you won't have to suffer like a tinned sardine, slap subordinates or make life and death decisions. In fact the only decision you need to make is whether to choose the dreaded Panzer III or the equally fearsome Tiger. Let battle commence!

    What's in the box:

    BB Battle Tanks

    Tiger (L-R): Stickers, tank operator, instructions, R/C BB Tiger Tank, battery charger, BB pellets, radio control and target

    BB Battle Tanks

    Panzer III (L-R): Stickers, tank operator, instructions, R/C BB Panzer III Tank, battery charger, BB pellets, radio control and target

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