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BACtrack iPhone Breathalyser
  • BACtrack iPhone Breathalyser
  • BACtrack iPhone Breathalyser
  • BACtrack iPhone Breathalyser
  • BACtrack iPhone Breathalyser

BACtrack iPhone Breathalyser

Take a deep breath

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  • Find out your Blood Alcohol Content in seconds
  • Professional grade accuracy
  • Free App describes your current level of inebriation
  • Track your BAC results over time to monitor your drinking habits
  • Keep the results secret or share them via social media


The task of knowing your limits is probably one of the most difficult things to master in all mankind. Willpower alone is rarely enough to stop you eating that whole packet of chocolate covered lard biscuits or getting you to step away from that dastardly ‘one more drink’… Whilst a solution to cookie gluttony may be some years away (sorry), measuring and tracking your alcohol intake in the coolest yet nerdiest way ever is here thanks to the BACtrack iPhone Breathalyser .

Quite simply, BACtrack lets you drink like you’ve never drunk before. Immerse yourself in technological wonderment as this ingenious piece of pocket-sized kit measures your Blood Alcohol Content (or BAC for short) from a single breath and accurately beams the data straight to your iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth.

BACtrack is by no means an excuse for you to drink excessively but instead, is your go-to buddy to work out just how much you’re knocking back. When used with the free BACtrack app, you'll get a professional grade reading along with a brief description of your current levels of intoxication. Experiencing a loss of shyness but gaining a slight level of euphoria? Sounds great. Reasoning and memory impaired? Not so great. Whatever the situation, BACtrack will be there to keep you in the loop.

The free BACtrack app helpfully stores your readings; allowing you to track your BAC levels over time and to view your habits throughout one particular night, or the past few weeks. The app also offers full social integration which lets you take notes and snaps of your chosen tipple and share them with your 2,000 closest Facebook & Twitter pals.

BACtrack is here to save the world from incoherent booty call text messages and 3am Saturday night answer phone ramblings to your boss about that elusive pay rise. From now on, it’s the only friend you’ll ever need.

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