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B.I.G Power Hand
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B.I.G Power Hand

Give ‘em a big hand

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Colours may vary between the Green and Yellow shown and a Blue and Silver version
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    Animation of the B.I.G Power Hand

    It's B.I.G. and clever!

    Totally bonkers but brilliantly fun, the B.I.G Power Hand turns your tiny human hand into a giant robot mitt. Just slip on this awesome right-handed glove (apologies to wannabe cyborg lefties) and the giant robot fingers will mimic the same action as your own squishy digits.

    It’s perfect for big hellos, clear directions, monster back-rubs and picking giant noses (amongst other things) and even features an opposable thumb and rubberised grips for picking things up. Pop it on and all questions like “why?” and “what for?” will be quickly crushed under your mighty mechanical fist. Taxi!

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