Bíbí - Pyropet Candle
  • Bíbí - Pyropet Candle
  • Bíbí - Pyropet Candle
  • Bíbí - Pyropet Candle

Bíbí - Pyropet Candle

Burn budgie burn

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Sh*t Hot right now
  • Burn this cute little bird to reveal its metallic skeleton beneath
  • Geometric beauty meets sinister avian ambience
  • Melts for six wondrous hours
  • Puts the "mental" back into in "ornamental candle"


First came Kisa – the original demonic decoration; but now his evil little sister has risen from the same dark and waxy abyss to bring a double-edged ambience into your living room once again.

To the untrained eye Bíbí is an undeniably beautiful geometric ornament, but beneath this dainty creature there's an evil skeleton waiting in the wings. Light the wick and within a matter of hours its ominous metallic frame starts to emerge like a menacing phoenix from the flames, and as it rises from the melted surroundings it casts satanic avian shadows across your walls.

Ideal for bird lovers, candle lovers, geometric design lovers and those looking to add a little macabre atmosphere to their mantelpiece.

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