Avocado Beach Towel
  • Avocado Beach Towel
  • Avocado Beach Towel

Avocado Beach Towel

Avo’ perfect summer

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Avocado Beach Towel
Love it as much as we do?
  • Sunbathe on a giant avocado
  • Creamy, smooth weave feels almost just like the real thing!
  • Less slimey, mind you
  • It’s 5 feet wide. That’s massive!
  • Cloth weave dries quickly and rolls up small


Spread this giant avocado out as though the beach is your very own humongous slice of toast and relax in style.

This incredible blanket is 5 feet wide and seriously soft - so soft that you’ll forget you’re not sunbathing on a fluffy, delicate cloud.

But don’t be fooled, this deceptively cushiony towel can take some serious holiday wear and tear, and is super quick to dry if you happen to get splashed by a rogue wave. And that cloth weave basically repels sand.

Plus, the included storage pouch makes a great beach tote. You can’t afford NOT to get this.

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