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Automatic Water Pistol
  • Automatic Water Pistol

Automatic Water Pistol

Phst! Phst! Phst! Phst!

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    NEW Sig Sauer model

    Waging watery warfare with some comedy soaker is all well and good. But there comes a time in every pretend warrior’s life when a more serious weapon is required. And here it is in the legendary shape of the AK47 Automatic Water Pistol.

    Fully licensed by M.T. Kalashnikov, creator of the ubiquitous AK47 assault rifle, this high powered water blaster is guaranteed to give you the edge in all kinds of soggy battle scenarios.

    Battery operated, the motorised AK47 does away with all that exhausting pumping business. Simply load (okay, fill) the removable ammo clip and pull the trigger. Before you can say ‘Major General Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov (try saying that with a mouthful of H20),’ this nifty hand cannon will start spewing water ‘bullets’ at a frankly scary rate of four per second.

    Description Description Description

    Insert 4x AA batteries

    Slide button to remove cartridge

    Fill cartridge with water and
    you're ready!

    With a range of up to eight metres, the AK47 Automatic Water Pistol will make (sopping wet) mincemeat of your opponents, even if they are beating a hasty retreat. And because the ammo clip is removable you won’t waste time trying to wedge your weapon under the tap when it’s time to reload. Speaking of time, this gorgeously engineered shooter will fire its entire 300ml capacity in 60 seconds. It’s totally relentless!

    Spewing water ‘bullets’ at a rate of four per second

    Thanks to its transparent casing you can see the AK47’s fascinating auto-fire mechanism every time you let rip (with the pistol, not your backside – although the latter remains a distinct possibility with a blaster this exciting). Best of all, the AK47’s iconic styling is familiar to every wannabe water combatant in the world, so it’s sure to have enemies quaking in their wellies. You vill lose. Phst! Phst! Phst! Phst!

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