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Autoloader Precision
  • Autoloader Precision

Autoloader Precision

More than a one bit wonder

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    We’re not sure who Phillip was, or why his head was such a strange shape, but his screwdrivers certainly complicated things when it came to home DIY. Until recently, you had to carry a whole toolbox of different screwdrivers just to make sure you always had the right one for the job. Well not anymore!


    Pump-action bit change mechanism

    Autoloader Precision

    Screw it

    Like its cousin the Autoloader Screwdriver, the Autoloader Precision let’s you wave six separate goodbyes to your collection of finicky screwdrivers, thanks to its patented pump-action bit change mechanism. Smaller than the Autoloader Screwdriver, the Precision lets you go to work on the tiniest screws, with the magnetic tool heads ensuring you won’t lose them.

    Simply pull back the handle, twist until you find the right bit for the job and presto – out it pops, locked in place and ready to screw. You can even customise the Autoloader by preloading it with the bits you use the most. See how you like that, Phillip!

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