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Snap happy

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  • Spontaneous and hands-free photography
  • 136° eye view lens will make sure everyone's in shot
  • 5 on board smart sensors let you choose when to get snap happy
  • Prevent all those unsightly gurns and pouts
People just can't resist it can they? A lens points at their face and they instantly develop a bizarre grin/pout/grimace that they wrongly believe is how they ought to be perceived. And you're no better, never fully enjoying where you are or what you're doing because you're too busy fiddling with a camera. The ingeniously simple Autographer is here to change all of this forever.

This revolutionary new camera has been custom built to enable spontaneous and hands-free image capture. Ultra-compact, stylish, discreet and light enough to wear – you can clip it to your jacket, hang it around your neck or place it on the table at a party. Its 136° eye view lens will fit everyone in and now no one is at the mercy of the camera.

Autographer is designed to adapt to suit your lifestyle. The battery lasts for an incredible 24 hours of use without recharging and the simple control panel lets you choose whether to dial up the rate of image capture during your highest octane experiences. And, you can easily keep more private moments discreet by closing the lens cover.

5 on board smart sensors allow you to choose when it starts to get snap happy. Want to capture that rare species of badger early in the morning? Try the temperature or infra-red modes. Want it to start capturing the moment you and your mates hit the dance floor? Set it to the ambient light or accelerometer modes.

Relieve the pressure from everyone and put the fun and spontaneity back into photography. Snap happy.

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