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Aurora Colour Changing Clock
  • Aurora Colour Changing Clock

Aurora Colour Changing Clock

Colourful bedtime companion

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Please note:
The Touch Aurora Clock is battery powered and therefore only glows once you tap it. The Nightlight Aurora Clock is mains powered and continuously glows, changing colour on the hour.


    Chances are you've got a love hate relationship with your alarm clock. Because let's be honest, being abruptly stirred from your slumber by a shrill, insentient lump of circuitry is simply not natural. Besides, in most cases, alarm clocks are there to remind us that it's time to wakey wakey, rise and do a day's work. Bleurgh!

    And the only reason we use them when we're not working is to remind us that we've got to get up and do something really important - like collect the car before it gets a ticket or watch SpongeBob Squarepants before the Saturday morning hangover really kicks in.

    Aurora Colour Changing Clock All of which is why we're slightly cautious when it comes to selling alarm clocks. For us, they have to possess something very special to elevate them above their status of annoying but necessary everyday accessories. Thankfully the mesmerising Aurora Colour Changing Clock is more than a mere alarm clock; it's an inspired, chameleon-like block of spellbinding design genius.

    Aurora Colour Changing Clock Why? Well, this über-funky clock is encased in gorgeously tactile translucent rubber that quietly changes colour (The Touch lights up initially for 30 seconds) on the hour, every hour. The ethereal glow that emanates from the Aurora is truly hypnotising and we guarantee you'll be lying there with baited breath waiting for the next colour change to gently bathe your bedside table in a glorious new shade of whatever (a highly relaxing experience in itself). This smart cube of mood lighting can be set to cycle through its 12 colour variations by glowing one colour per hour, or through a preset lighting sequence. The choice is yours. A gentle tap is all it takes to turn the light show off.

    Aurora Colour Changing Clock

    The Aurora's bold, backlit LCD screen means you won't be squinting to tell the time at 3a.m., and you shouldn't even be unduly irritated by its alarm, as the soporific effect of its mesmerising glow will ensure you always get a good night's sleep. Nighty night!

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