Audio-Technica ANC3 Earphones
  • Audio-Technica ANC3 Earphones

Audio-Technica ANC3 Earphones


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    Blocking out external noise is nothing new to earphone technology. Actually, come to think of it, drowning out the world is one of the main reasons we wear earphones.

    If, like us, you enjoy nothing more than plugging in and zoning out, the Audio-Technica ANC3 Earphones have taken it to a whole new level. Using patented technology, these battery-powered buds actively counter background noise by adding equal (but opposite) sound to the audio output. How on earth do they manage that?

    Miniature microphones in each ear bud detect the noise around you, and instruct the 12.5mm drivers to weave additional opposing sound into your outgoing audio. Incredibly, this completely automated process will cancel a staggering 85% of external noise. And all without affecting the crystal clear sound and rich bass of your music.

    But don’t worry about missing out on important announcements or juicy gossip (or both). A compact control unit on the earphones’ cable lets you drop the volume in a flash. It’ll also let you switch to Passive mode, which turns off the noise-cancelling technology to conserve battery power.

    Perfect for enjoying your music in noisy environments or avoiding unwanted interruptions. The Audio-Technica ANC3 Earphones are the ultimate in la-la-la-I’m-not-listening technology.

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