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Battle Bots

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    Attacknids walking

    Creepy crawly robot!

    The Attacknids have full 360º rotation and a fully synchronised ‘walking’ action (so no sneaky wheels), and the intuitive control system lets you change direction and tactics to easily respond to the shifting tides of battle.

    Rain down soft, rubbery terror with the Bolt’n’Battle weapons system and when you score a hit (or even just ram your enemy), ‘exploding’ combat armour goes flying, leaving a trail of robot devastation across the battlefield. Scoring three direct hits to the Battle Brain command centre disables the Attacknid, leaving your wireless warrior shut-down and lifeless like so much space-age scrap… until the next round begins!

    Remote  control

    Remote control

    Attacknid legs

    Pioneering spider-crab movement

    Attacknid legs being shot off

    Shoot the legs off

    Each wireless controller is powered by a 2.4GHz wireless chip, allowing more than 40 Attacknids to battle simultaneously. These futuristic fighting machines march relentlessly across pretty much any terrain, but are portable enough to carry around, meaning you can always have a robotic war-machine at the ready… which is a relief.

    So tell that dude from Red Dwarf to step aside, now we can all have Robot Wars.
    Attacknids battle

    Time for robot wars

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