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Atari T-Shirt

    Atari T-Shirt

    Wear the logo of the gaming gods: Atari

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      Before we tell you how cool our Atari logo T-Shirt is, here's a little story. Once upon a time, when the world was awash with leg warmers, Sodastreams and skateboards, one brand logo reigned supreme: the rocket-like, triple swoosh of Atari. Even today, a mere glimpse of this legendary symbol of gaming excellence is enough to make most vidiots collapse into convulsions of delight as they reel off tales of pixellated derring-do down the arcade. As well as arcade classics such as Asteroids and Missile Command, Atari were the boffins behind the VCS Home System, a teak-effect classic that every game geek in the galaxy lusted after.

      grey and white shirt But all good game gods falter, and sadly, despite shifting over 25 million consoles and dominating the arcade for almost a decade, things went pear-shaped for Atari during the mid-eighties. Thankfully, you just can't keep an iconic logo down, and Atari are presently planning a world domination-style comeback.

      All of which means now is the perfect time to be seen in our spectacularly captivating Atari logo T-Shirt. A conversation point wherever you go, this high-quality T-Shirt is a fitting way to pay your respects to the sleeping giant that is Atari. It's simple, bold and gorgeous to behold.

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