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Atari Keychains

Old legends don't die, they just get smaller!

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    Atari Keychains


    Ooh, Atari. The word alone is enough to send shivers down the spine. So all you gaming geeks should be doing cartwheels when we tell you that smarty pants boffins have miniaturized Atari's iconic VCS joystick and paddle, attached keychains and preloaded them with classic games. Unbelievable!

    Atari Keychains


    If you've got a nostalgic bone in your body you should already have hit the Buy button. If you haven't you're probably still reeling at the thought of dangling a self-contained retro-gaming system from your belt. Okay, you still need to plug these über cool gizmos into a TV but we're sure you can manage that. Simply pop one end of the supplied cable (which is on a separate battery-powered reel) into the joystick/paddle and stick the jack end in your TV. Simple.

    Atari Keychains

    Normal size

    Keychain size

    There are three different Atari Keychains to collect, and each one contains at least two spectacularly enthralling games:

    Joystick 1 Games:
    Atari Keychains



    Joystick 2 Games:
    Atari Keychains


    Yars Revenge

    Paddle Games:
    Atari Keychains




    Atari Keychains

    Plug your Atari Keychain
    into the TV

    Impressed? You will be the second you plug your Atari Keychain into the TV because you'll be transfixed by a toenail-chewingly addictive barrage of blocky graphics, blip bloppy jingles and glorious gameplay. It's like the last twenty five years never happened. And let's face it, anyone old enough to remember the early days of video gaming looks back on Atari's thumb-numbing controllers with blister-tinged affection.

    Atari Keychains

    Cool retro packaging

    These sleek, take-anywhere danglers would be great even if they didn't contain games. But they do, and we guarantee the memories will come flooding back the second you start fiddling. You might even be tempted to pull on a pair of polyester slacks and grow a mullet. But you'll never find out unless you get ordering. Remember: old legends don't die, they just get smaller.

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