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Atari Arcade Duo
  • Atari Arcade Duo

Atari Arcade Duo

Turn your iPad into an arcade

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    controls close-up

    Old school arcade style controls!

    Ask any child of the ‘80’s and they’ll tell you the best way to play computer games is with a huge joystick and big punchy buttons. And no, it’s not because their hands are now riddled with arthritis. It’s because an oversized joystick gives you greater control over sensitive movements and faster response times (obviously).

    Of course, classic games like Asteroids, Centipede, and Missile Command are available for the iPad these days. But why bother thumbing a virtual joystick and tapping touchscreen buttons, when you could be hammering away on the genuine article?


    Simply slot the iPad into the base

    The Atari Arcade Duo brings all the tactile, button-bashing fun back to your high-tech tablet. Just plug in your iPad, fire up the free Atari Greatest Hits app and enjoy these retro classics like they were meant to be played. Go on, show the kids how it’s done!

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