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    Assuming we're not all participating in some Matrix-style con, it seems likely that space really is the final frontier. So it's no wonder mankind is in awe of the twinkly heavens above. But seeing as most of us have roofs over our heads, we can't truly appreciate the sky at night. And that's where the Astrostar comes in.


    Connect the pentagons...

    Despite sounding like a dodgy US soccer team, this is actually a flat-packed planetarium/night light that projects an utterly spellbinding map of the heavens on to walls and ceilings. Simply follow the idiot-proof instructions and before you can yell 'she blinded me with science' you'll have a fantastic starlight projector. As Patrick Moore probably wouldn't say, it's totally awesome, man.

    AstroStar construct the

    Battery-operated, the Astrostar has a rotating base with compass point alignments that allow you to adjust it according to your location and the time of year. This means you can continually tweak it to reflect the movement of the heavens as the year progresses. So what you see on your ceiling is exactly what's going on in the night sky. The difference is, your view won't be obscured by a blanket of smog.


    My God... it's full of stars!

    An ideal gift for budding Mystic Megs as well as proper stargazers, the Astrostar is one of the most mesmerising gizmos we've seen in ages. And we didn't even get past the preface of Stephen Hawking's book (although we made out we did). But above and beyond astrology and astronomy, this nifty projector is all about bringing the magic of a starry night into your home. And it does it beautifully.

    Whether you're zoning out to music, chillaxing in bed or throwing a Star Trek theme party, this stunning cosmic light show is guaranteed to enthral. Put on the music to 2001: A Space Odyssey and it's like floating through the galaxy...until your mum walks in with a cup of tea. So what are you waiting for? Get ordering and transform your ceiling into the final frontier.

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