Astro Boy Electronic Action Figure
  • Astro Boy Electronic Action Figure

Astro Boy Electronic Action Figure

Mini manga legend

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    Astro Boy Electronic Action Figure

    Am I a real boy?

    It's not often you hear a comic book hero shouting 'I've got machine guns in my butt!*' But Astro Boy is no ordinary comic book hero, he's a manga legend. And now, thanks to a Hollywood movie and this 10" posable electronic action figure, he's about to go global.

    The Astro Boy Electronic Action Figure is almost as impressive as his on-screen alter ego. Featuring flashing arm cannons, light-up rocket boosters and powervision eyes, he's ready to fight for peace and justice whilst adding an über cool comic book angle wherever you chose to plonk him. He even has an illuminated blue chest core. As they say in the world of manga 'Wow, fantastic goodness hero you are total cool.' Or something equally badly translated.

    In case you're not up on your Japanese superstars, allow us to enlighten you. Astro Boy is a young robot created by Doctor Tenma, head of the Ministry of Science (it says here). Unsurprisingly this pint-sized whippersnapper uses his incredible abilities to fight crime. Think of him as a sort of ultra heroic mini Inspector Gadget/Mighty Mouse hybrid with Ray Quinn off X Factor's head.

    Astro Boy Electronic Action Figure Astro Boy Electronic Action Figure Astro Boy Electronic Action Figure

    Have a blast!

    Glowing rocket boots

    My mind is glowing

    Impressed? You will be when we tell you that, having started life as a manga strip back in the 50s, Astro Boy went on to become a hit anime (that's a manga cartoon, fact fans) that was watched by 40% of the TV-watching population in Japan. But you already knew that didn't you? Didn't you? Pfft, call yourself a geek? Pathetic!

    Anyway, the point is Astro Boy is a phenomenon - cooler than a fridgeful of Fonzies and more 'street' than a bucketful of Tokyo tarmac. If you don't believe us, check out the cast list of the new movie: Samuel L Jackson, Nicolas Cage, Charlize Theron, Bill Nighy, er, Matt Lucas – anyone who's anyone wants a piece of Astro Boy. So hurry up and 'have a blast' before this 10" tribute to a manga legend rockets out of stock!

    *Sadly, this particular version doesn’t.

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