Ass Kickin Ketchup
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Ass Kickin Ketchup

It will Kick Yo’ Ass

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    joe showing how hot the ketchup is

    Joe gets his ass kicked by ketchup

    Let’s be honest, 99% of food basically tastes the same; and it all tastes like chicken. It’s why humans have gone to such great lengths to create such a cornucopia of condiments. So it gives us great pleasure to introduce the latest addition in the long and illustrious list of spicy BBQ sauces. The Ass Kickin’ Ketchup.

    Salsa’s got too many bits in it, passata is really just a bunch of squished tomatoes, au jus is… well, let’s not even start with au jus. What you want is a proper ketchup, or catsup, or if you’re a stickler for the original ancient Chinese version, kê-chiap; and this one will absolutely “Kick Yo’ Ass!”


    Spice up your nights in

    At least that’s what the bucktoothed cartoon cowboy donkey with golden horseshoes seems to be telling us on the bottle. Apparently cartoon donkeys prefer aggressive taste metaphors. Either way, the secret is the Habanero Peppers. Coming in at a respectably terrifying 100000-350000 on the Scoville Scale, they put the proverbial donkey kick in this ketchup. But don’t worry; this is more of a delicious tomato based hot sauce than an unbridled physical challenge.

    If you’re bored of that tasteless old tomato sauce, and like us you only trust products that are endorsed by bucktoothed cartoon donkeys, then this is the Ass Kickin’ Ketchup you’re after.
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