Ass Blaster Outhouse Hot Sauce
  • Ass Blaster Outhouse Hot Sauce

Ass Blaster Outhouse Hot Sauce

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    Hailing from Arizona, this ferociously hot sauce is called Ass Blaster for a reason – and we should know because we’re writing this in the loo! But seriously folks, Ass Blaster Outhouse Hot Sauce is eye-watering stuff, so handle with care.

    A tongue-cremating, botty-burning blend of habanero peppers and capsicum extract, this surprisingly tasty condiment will add a hellish kick to all manner of food. Plop a few drops in your favourite recipes and you’ll be thpeaking like your tongueth on fire for dayth. Nyaargh!

    Packaged in an amusing wooden replica of a Wild West outhouse, each bottle carries a recipe for Ass Blaster Border Beans, bum-clenchingly delish and guaranteed to have you and your pals re-enacting the legendary campfire scene from Blazing Saddles in no time. If you’re lucky. We’d give it ten minutes if we were you…

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    • "Made a great birthday present along with some loo roll!"
      Jodie - 1st of April, 2015