Ask Me About My Zombie T-Shirt
  • Ask Me About My Zombie T-Shirt
  • Ask Me About My Zombie T-Shirt

Ask Me About My Zombie T-Shirt

Flipping Scary

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    Zombies - they’re very much the terrifying supernatural being of the moment.

    Ask yourselves - werewolves, were they ever really scary? After lording it up all night they always end up as a naked shivering goon, lost and alone. Name us one scary werewolf film? Even from the 80s when they were all the rage? That’s what we thought.

    Vampires? They’ve gone soft. Once the bloodthirsty scourge of the night – now people actually want to be bitten by these pale, sexy creatures. Ghosts have barely progressed from their primitive bed sheet with eyehole origins. Need we go on?

    It’s time to embrace the signs of the times - zombies are both hip and scary, so why not adorn yourself with this perfect piece of frightening fashion. Simply pop the t-shirt over your noodle and unleash your hideous brain-gobbling alter-ego on your unwitting friends. When you want to return to normality, simply remove your head – but do not destroy the brain.

    We're all too aware that the inescapable apocalypse is on its way, so enjoy this perfect spontaneous fancy-dress solution and be primed and ready to blend in with your zombie brethren when the time comes.

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    2 Reviews

    Average 3.5/5 stars
    • "Amazing, excellent fit and a brilliant gift! I am so going to get one for myself now."
      Caroline - 19th of July, 2015
    • "Fun item but quality isn't great. Can see the writing through the other side so ruins the image a bit."
      Annabelle - 29th of May, 2015