Ask Me About My Ninja T-Shirt
  • Ask Me About My Ninja T-Shirt
  • Ask Me About My Ninja T-Shirt

Ask Me About My Ninja T-Shirt

Flipping Stealthy

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    Everyone wants to be one but no one really knows anything conclusive about them. We’re talking about Ninjas.

    Masters of stealth, shadows of the night, hopping silently from roof to roof armed with a multitude of lethal weapons at their disposal, they administered swift and efficient death to all those who crossed them? Probably. This is essentially a very long-winded way of saying “these guys were categorically badass.”

    Now pictures this, it’s another ordinary day: you’ve caught the bus into town; you’re sipping on a warm latte, shooting the breeze with some buddies, just chillin’. Next thing you know you’re battling giant snakes, running on water, hip-throwing a couple of a hapless henchmen and making your audacious escape with a puff of smoke – living the Ninja dream.

    With this nifty identity-switching apparel it has never been easier to effortlessly slip in and out of the lifestyle of an ancient Shinobi warrior.

    Confound your friends, effortlessly dispatch your enemies, become a Ninja and glamorise the myth!

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    • "Hilarious! Bought it for my husband for his 28th birthday, he loves it."
      Rachel - 30th of September, 2015
    • "Fantastic quality. Brought as a gift and think they will love it as much as I do."
      Wendy - 22nd of May, 2015