Asgardian Ale Brewing Kit
  • Asgardian Ale Brewing Kit

Asgardian Ale Brewing Kit

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Asgardian Ale Brewing Kit
Every Friday we bring one of our mad ideas "to life".

You can't actually buy the Asgardian Ale Brewing Kit (yet!), but shout loud enough on our social channels and we'll seriously consider making it.

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  • Make your own batch of powerful Norse sauce
  • Perfect for raucous parties and more Loki events
  • Strong and well-rounded character with a slight hint of cheese whiz
  • Remember, you don't need a six pack to be a hero
  • Go for the head!


*** Spoiler alert! Well, not really – if you still haven't seen Endgame you probably shouldn't be looking up Avengers-themed brewing kits on the internet ***

Everyone handles traumatic events differently – and that's fine. But do you think Thor got his potbelly from drinking any old pig swill? No! He brewed himself a powerful batch of Asgardian Ale!

Blending ancient Norse brewing methods with a heroic new recipe; this kit contains everything you need to create a strong, well-rounded beer with subtle overtones of cheese whiz.

It's the perfect easy-drinking ale for large gatherings and more Loki affairs, so why not assemble your friends and find out who's worthy of raising a glass?

Note: Please drink responsibly – or the god of chunder will have his vengeance.

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