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Artisan Soap
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Artisan Soap

Five a day (before you’ve left the bathroom)

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    Close up of texture

    Realistic texture

    Unless you’re some kind of fruit and veg freak, getting your five a day can be a real struggle. So why not pretend you’re lavishing yourself with fruit before you’ve even stepped out of the shower with a ‘bar’ of Artisan Soap.

    In all honesty referring to these gorgeous scented soaps as bars is as disparaging as calling Michelangelo’s David ‘some bloke in the niddy’ because they are magnificent works of art, correct in every detail. The only difference is that they are made of soap. And don’t taste very nice. Obviously. But that’s not to say some sap won’t accidentally take a bite (they said while slipping a few in the communal fruit bowl).

    single soaps available

    Other soaps available (from L-R): Peach, Apple, Lemon and Orange

    Holding Strawberry

    You get four in the Strawberry pack

    Speaking of five a day you can choose from Apple, Strawberries, Lemon, Peach and Orange. Getting fruity in the bathroom has never smelt so good. Beautifully packaged, Artisan Soap makes a fantastic gift for any fruit lover with a penchant for getting into a lather. And that’s just about everyone, right?

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