Arm Wrestle Mania
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Arm Wrestle Mania

Feel the burn!

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    Thumb tapping the button

    C'mon red...

    Next time someone challenges you to an arm wrestle don’t bother rolling up your sleeves and snarling; simply whip out Arm Wrestle Mania and let your fingers do the fighting. Grraah!

    Ideal for settling all manner of arguments, this supremely silly head-to-head game sees players tip-tapping their buttons as fast as possible in order to move their mucho macho character’s arm. It’s a bit like the arcade classic Track & Field minus the track. And the, er, field. We digress. The point is Arm Wrestle Mania is so hilariously addictive you’ll be dreaming of bulging biceps and gurning geezers every waking hour. Hmmm…

    The arms swayying

    It's a close one...

    As well as all the fast and furious physical action, an electronic announcer is on hand (well somewhere in the base unit) to count down each bout and announce the winner. You’ll also hear plenty of dinging bells and crowd noise as you urgh and argh your way to glory/ignominious defeat.

    Yes, we suppose you could settle who goes to the bar, gets the remote or annexes Poland via a real arm wrestle. But unless you’ve got forearms like gammon joints and a neck like a birthday cake, can you really be bothered with all that macho posturing? Nah! Besides, what are a few blisters compared to a broken wrist.

    Blue players' hand touching down to win

    Oh unlucky red!

    Here at Firebox HQ we’ve taken to using Arm Wrestle Mania to resolve virtually every disagreement: whose turn is it to go to the sandwich shop? Who’s harder, Anton du Beke or him off Torchwood? Who smells of poo? Who would win a real arm wrestle?

    Yes, we know it’s silly, but so are you because you’re reading about a spectacularly infantile plaything when you should be working, revising or whatever it is you crazy interwebbers get up to these days. We hereby challenge you to hit the Buy button. Fastest finger wins!

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