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Arka USB Charger x Lantern x Flashlight

A winning formula

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  • Simple collapsible design for quick switching between lantern and flashlight modes.
  • Adjustable brightness up to an incredible 180 lumens
  • Re-charge all your favourite USB devices
  • Highly durable and water resistant
We're no mathematicians, but USB Charger x Lantern x Flashlight = possibly one of the most practical and innovative pieces of travel gear we've ever sold, the Arka.

Thanks to its frosted sides, the collapsible Arka switches easily between lantern and flashlight modes and the ingenious glow in the dark, battery-saving dimmer switch allows you to control the brightness to match your situation. There's also a red light mode to preserve your night-vision, perfect for reading maps in the dark or pretending you're in a submarine.

Mobile phones, GPS navigation systems, mp3 players, digital cameras – as long as you can charge it via USB the Arka's monstrous 4 amp-hour battery has got your back. Pumping out an incredibly generous 1½ – 2 full smartphone's-worth of charge, whilst still leaving you many more hours of light to toy with. Marvellous.

Unlike a lot of travel accessories, Arka is a trooper, a fighter – weighing in at a reassuring 241g, it's water resistant and built to withstand the very bleakest of weather conditions. With a clever double-hook hang loop and neat folding legs you can hang or position it just about anywhere.

Stick it in your coat pocket, rucksack or glove compartment and make sure you're never without this perfect travel sidekick.

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