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Arctic Force Snowball Crossbow

Become the blizzard

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    When it comes to snow fights, things can get quite heated and no one wants to get cold feet in the face of some frozen fun times. Which is why it’s important to pack heat, of the snowball shooting variety. Enter the Arctic Force Snowball Crossbow.

    Favoured by that bloke called Bill, and a longstanding medieval weapon of choice, the crossbow is a timeless classic. Ready to fire straight out of the box, the serious ‘pull-and-release’ action will see you launching long-range frozen missiles up to 18 metres! That’s literally miles.*

    The tension in the launch mechanism means it even doubles as an upper body workout, and by using the included vinyl target you can zero in your Aqua Force Snowball Crossbow and be shooting like a beefcake William Tell in no time.

    *Not true, that’s literally 18 metres.

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