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Arctic Force Snow Tracball
  • Arctic Force Snow Tracball

Arctic Force Snow Tracball

Snowball, throwball

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    Make a snow ball

    Scoop snow and form it into a ball

    Hibernate? Pah! When it comes to the snowy season we humans know how to survive, thrive and feel thoroughly alive. Whether we’re skiing over it, tunnelling into it, building igloos out of it, or pelting each other with it; we can’t get enough of the fluffy stuff. The only problem is, all of these activities can leave you cold, damp and wiped out. But don’t worry, we’ve now found a way around that too.

    Take snowball fights. Usually we only have about 5 or 6 good throws in us before our weedy arms are ready to fall off. And that’s if the cold hasn’t numbed our hands already. So we’ve uncovered the Arctic Force Snow Tracball. Armed with this sleek bit of cold-weather kit you can make and throw snowballs in seconds, up to a distance of 100ft! And all without having to touch the white stuff itself.

    scale shot

    Ready, aim... FIRE!

    Just shovel a little snow into the Tracball’s curved scoop, then pull up the orange handle to press it into a perfect 6cm diameter snowball. When your target is in range (100ft or more, depending on your throwing arm) quickly whip the Tracball downwards to send your snowy projectile rocketing through the air.

    Made from high-quality ABS plastic, the Tracball is resistant to the cold and will take all the rough and tumble you can throw at it. So arm yourself with this simple (but effective) bit of winter kit. It’s perfect for digging quick tunnels, defending your igloo or launching a sledge-based assault. Brr-illiant!

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