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Aqua Off Mobile Phone Saver
  • Aqua Off Mobile Phone Saver

Aqua Off Mobile Phone Saver

Phone overboard!

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    Dropped your mobile in your drink? Or perhaps it’s fallen overboard? Well don’t panic. With the Aqua Off Mobile Phone Saver there’s a chance you can rescue your precious gadget – and the data inside. With a near 100% success rate, this new technology can draw moisture out of the darkest depths of your electronic devices.

    Pop your wet mobile in the aqua bag Seal and leave Your mobile will be all dried out

    Pop your wet/damp mobile
    into the bag

    Seal it and leave from 4 to 72 hours...

    Your mobile will be all dried out and ready to use!

    So if the unthinkable should happen and your electronic gadget gets wet, turn it off straight away, dry it with a towel and then pop it into this zip-lock bag. Depending on the water damage the Aqua Off can take anything from 4 to 72 hours (follow the instructions), but it will steadily wick away moisture while your device is sealed inside.

    It’s absolutely invaluable to anyone who uses non-waterproof technology while they’re out and about. But more than this, it’s a great place to store your electronics on a day-to-day basis.

    Just imagine how humid it is in your pocket, and how much moisture must build up inside your mobile on a daily basis. Storing your gadgets in the Aqua Off instead will prevent this moisture from damaging the components inside and extend the life of your gadgets.

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