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Aqua Master Krypton
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Aqua Master Krypton

Splosh and go

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    The humble water pistol has come a long way in recent years. In fact referring to today's hi-tech water weapons as pistols is a bit like calling Howitzers pea-shooters. The point being, Noughties-style water warfare is about total saturation. Feeble squirting is terribly last century.

    Master Blaster Krypton Unfortunately most state-of-the-art soakers gradually lose pressure as the water barrel gets emptied, but thanks to the Aqua Master Krypton's patented "Power Tube" pre-charge system you'll always be at maximum pressure with just a few short pumps, and the onboard electronic power meter will stop you getting caught short and counter-sploshed with a mushful of enemy H2O.

    Master Blaster Krypton

    Don't ask us how it works, we've been too busy soaking colleagues…sorry, squirting inanimate objects, to work it out. All we can tell you is that giving the Krypton's handle a few quick pumps before battle commences allows you to blast away, recharging with minimal effort.

    Master Blaster Krypton

    Looking like something Flash Gordon might use to splat Brian Blessed's beard with, this monstrous motorised blaster is even equipped with an electronic pressure meter that gives you the green light when it's fully charged. Add to this a ginormous 3.7 litre tank, adjustable 3 stream nozzle and extraordinary 30ft range and you're looking at one seriously impressive water weapon. This baby belongs on top of a tank, not in the hands of infantile executives.

    Master Blaster Krypton It goes without saying that the Krypton is a highly effective combat soaker, but its impressive range means it is also a superb stealth weapon. In fact, if soaking the enemy is your business, business is most definitely looking up. Splosh!

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    Master Blaster Krypton

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