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Aqua Force Slingshot
  • Aqua Force Slingshot

Aqua Force Slingshot

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    Be a real menace this summer

    Since the dawn of time, humans have loved to indulge in water sports - with friends and strangers alike. And what’s more, as the weather begins to heat up, we’re confidently tipping that the summer of (enter optimistic year prediction here) is going to be a scorcher.

    More for your ‘up close and personal’ water warriors and those who want to see the water drops in the whites of their opponent’s eyes, the Aqua Force Slingshot will still propel your water balloons a healthy 20 feet.

    Of course, if long-range tactics are more your bag, then check out our other Aqua Force products for a more ‘splash from afar’ approach. No matter what your preference, these high tech weapons of mass saturation will give you and your comrades the upper hand in any aquatic altercation.

    distance diagram

    The slingshot fires water bombs as far as two and a half Lions

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