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Aqua Force Crossbow
  • Aqua Force Crossbow

Aqua Force Crossbow

Shock and Pour

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Sh*t Hot right now



    Ready, aim, splash!

    Since the dawn of time, humans have loved to indulge in water sports - with friends and strangers alike. And what’s more, as the weather begins to heat up, we’re confidently tipping that the summer of (enter optimistic year prediction here) is going to be a scorcher.

    Picture it now with the sun mercilessly beating down; people too hot and sweaty to even turn on a hose, crying out pitifully for some kind of refreshing liquid shower. Suddenly, you appear, striding forth like a modern day Robin Hood to deliver blessed rehydration to the suffering people via your trusty Aqua Force Crossbow.

    Even if the unthinkable occurs and summer doesn’t deliver the rays, we must never forget the ever present danger of zombie attack. Sh*tty zombies!

    There’s even the chance that your mysterious, dark haired neighbour may turn out to be a terrifying (but oh so dreamy) vampire, desperate to gnaw on your jugular and date unsuspecting local girls.

    dinosaur distance

    You can drench your unlucky victim from two Tyrannosaurus Rex away.

    It’s situations like these that the Aqua Force Crossbow truly comes into its own. Long regarded as the discerning vampire hunter/zombie slayer/water warrior’s medieval weapon of choice, the crossbow is a timeless classic. Just load up some holy-water bombs and take that dreamboat vampire down. Down to China Town.

    target included

    Practice with the included target

    Ready to fire straight out of the box, the brutal ‘pull-and-release’ action will see you launching long-range liquid missiles up to 80 feet! That’s literally miles.*

    The tension in the launch mechanism means it even doubles as an upper body workout, and by using the included vinyl target you can zero in your Aqua Force Crossbow and be shooting like a beefcake William Tell in no time.

    Of course, if long-range tactical warfare feels a little too removed, check out our other Aqua Force products for a more up close and personal approach. No matter what your preference, these high tech weapons of mass saturation will give you and your comrades the upper hand in any aquatic altercation.

    *Of course that’s not true, it’s literally up to 80 feet.

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