Aqua Force Blaster
  • Aqua Force Blaster

Aqua Force Blaster

This means war-ter-fight.

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    The future of water balloon combat

    Since the dawn of time, humans have loved to indulge in water sports - with friends and strangers alike. And what’s more, as the weather begins to heat up, we’re confidently tipping that the summer of (enter optimistic year prediction here) is going to be a scorcher.

    Picture it now with the sun mercilessly beating down; people too hot and sweaty to even turn on a hose, crying out pitifully for some kind of cooling liquid shower. Who can save/punish them?

    You ruddy well can! Like a budget Robocop (with a less horrifying back-story) you ‘come strapped’ with the impressive Aqua Force Blaster; ready to defend the meek, fight corruption and dispense your unique brand of watery justice with nary a thought for the consequences.*

    distance example 50 feet

    The Blaster can launch bombs over the length of five Bottlenose Dolphins!

    target included

    Practice with the included target

    Ready to fire straight out of the box, the hefty ‘pull-and-release’ action will see you launching long-range liquid missiles up to 50 feet! Plus, by using the included vinyl target you can zero in your Aqua Force Blaster and be shooting like you’ve got laser targeting in no time.

    Of course, if the Aqua Force Blaster’s long-range tactics feels a little too detached, check out our other Aqua Force products for a more up close and personal approach. No matter what your preference, these high tech weapons of mass saturation will give you and your comrades the upper hand in any aquatic altercation.

    *Depending on who you hit, there almost certainly will be consequences including, but not limited to; Tit-for-tat bicycle drive-bys; dead arms; withering looks; being grounded etc.

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