Appmates Cars 2 Lightning McQueen
  • Appmates Cars 2 Lightning McQueen

Appmates Cars 2 Lightning McQueen

He’s a very famous race car

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    Take control of a precision instrument of speed and aerodynamics. No, we don’t mean an iPad. We’re talking about Lightning McQueen (of course), the charming rookie racer form Pixar’s Cars movies. But the iPad part is still important. Because thanks to Appmates Cars 2 Lightning McQueen you can use its ingenious touchscreen to guide Lightning all around the Cars universe.

    How? Just fire up the free app on your iPad and place your dinky Lightning McQueen model on the tablet’s flat screen. A whole world will open up for Lightning to explore. Simply move the little red racer over the surface of the iPad to drive him around, interact with objects, collect bonus items, race against his opponents and meet familiar faces. Scenes range from sleepy Radiator Springs to neon-lit Tokyo. With sound effects and voices from the Cars movies, it’s the ultimate way for your young ones to play with their favourite characters on your favourite gadget. Ka-chow!

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