Appclix iPad Camera
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Appclix iPad Camera

Pap it, Mickey!

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    Digital cameras are tricky things for small hands to use. And they’re not nearly colourful enough. Unless you dab them with jam or cover them in jelly tots. Which, isn’t beyond your rambunctious little angel. So the next time you’re out adventuring, give them their own Appclix iPad Camera.

    Holding the Appclix iPad Camera

    Cute tech!

    Back view of the Appclix iPad Camera

    LCD screen and controls

    connected to the iPad

    Connect to your iPad

    Designs available

    Minnie Mouse (Red), Mickey Mouse (Blue) and Disney Princess (Pink)

    Compact, colourful and simple to use, this 7.1MP camera has been designed specifically for use with the iPad. Take as many snaps as you like on the 32MB memory, then slide out the built-in 30pin Apple connector. Plug the Applclix straight into your iPad and you can transfer photos in seconds.

    Fire up the free Disney Pix app and you can even edit them directly on the iPad. Relax, amateur photographers. Your precious squillion-pound cameras are safe once more.

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