AppToyz Off Road Buggy
  • AppToyz Off Road Buggy

AppToyz Off Road Buggy

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    Using your iPhone to control the AppToyz Off Road Buggy

    Tilt and use the app
    to control the buggy!

    When the polo neck-clad geeks at Apple created their almighty iPhone/iPod, they could not have imagined it would one day be used to control an off-road buggy. But thanks to the truly awesome AppToyz Off Road Buggy, that’s exactly what’s happened.

    By combining the incredible power of the iPhone/iPod with an ingenious app and a sleek little unit that plugs into its headphone socket, your beloved gizmo will now control this incredibly nippy digital proportional infra-red buggy. Clever? It’s one of the most intuitive I/R transmitters ever.

    Unit that plugs into the headphone socket

    Plugs into the headphone socket

    Forget about twin toggles and the usual methods of remote control. Once you’ve set up the idiot-proof AppToyz app and plugged in the peripheral unit you can use an on-screen virtual D-pad to control the funky buggy’s movements. And if you want to be extra flash you can even tilt your iPhone, steering wheel styley – see, we knew that built-in accelerometer would come in handy one day.

    AppToyz Off Road Buggy

    The buggy!

    In keeping with Apple’s über sexy image, the AppToyz peripheral device is charged via USB so no batteries are required. Pull your piggy-backed iPhone from your pocket and start driving this cool little off-roader round the office and colleagues won’t know whether to marvel at your supreme geekdom or click on to Firebox and order one for themselves. We’re guessing they’ll do both, so hurry up and hit the Buy button before this i-controlled vehicle buggies off forever.

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