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AppToyz Helicopter
  • AppToyz Helicopter

AppToyz Helicopter

Appy landings!

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    Using App on iPhone to control the chopper

    Use an App to control the chopper

    Have you ever considered flying a helicopter using your iPhone or iPod? Of course you haven’t. That would be sillier than driving a tank with a sausage. But who cares, it’s a helluva lot of fun. And we should know ‘cos we’re doing it right now with the amazing AppToyz Helicopter. Woka-woka-woka!

    By combining the incredible power of your iThingy with an ingenious app and sleek little unit that plugs into its headphone socket, your beloved smartphone will now transmit commands to an accompanying digital proportional infra-red helicopter. Clever? It’s one of the most intuitive I/R devices ever.

    The unit that you plug into the headphone socket

    Plug unit into the headphone socket

    Forget about twin toggles and the usual methods of remote control. Once you’ve set up the idiot-proof AppToyz app and plugged in the stylish piggyback box you can use an on-screen D-pad (complete with cool graphics) to fly this highly manoeuvrable little chopper. And if you want to be extra flash you can even control the ‘copter’s movements by tilting your iPod/iPhone. ‘Can I put you on hold, I just need to land on the water cooler.’

    Close up of frame

    Sturdy body

    With an 8 metre flying range and full hover, left, right, up and down functionality the AppToyz chopper is no slouch in the flying department. Once you get the hang of piloting via iPod/iPhone you’ll wonder what you ever saw in clumsy toggles. There’s even an integral speaker to blast out various in-app sound effects.

    In keeping with Apple’s über sexy image, the AppToyz piggyback device is charged via USB so no batteries are required. The only thing missing is the dramatic Flight of the Valkyries soundtrack – but we’re sure you’ll find a way of playing that as you swoop over the photocopier. Talking of timewasting at work, fly this baby round the office and colleagues will be scratching their heads looking for the pilot. ‘It can’t be him, he’s fiddling with his iPhone.’ Genius!

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