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AppToyz Blaster

Blast those aliens!

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    showing iPhone attached to the gun

    iPhone attached and ready for action!

    When Apple created their almighty iPhone they could not have possibly imagined it would one day be used as a crosshair/monitor for an alien-blasting rifle. But thanks to the truly awesome AppToyz Blaster, that’s exactly what’s happened. Yay!

    By combining the incredible power of the iPhone with an ingenious app and ultra-mean looking blaster, the boffins at AppToyz have come up with a truly immersive augmented reality plaything that’ll have you making a right Ripley (or if you’re not careful, Hudson) of yourself in no time. Simply lock your iPhone (4th gen or 3GS) onto the blaster and prepare for battle. It’s even compatible with iPods*.

    Close up of screen

    Start shooting some Aliens

    Once locked into position your iPhone’s camera becomes a ‘sight’ complete with overlaid crosshairs and game info. Better still, whatever your blaster is pointing at becomes an alien background. ‘Look out, mum, there’s an alien on the washing machine!’ The environment is fully three-dimensional and your extra terrestrial attackers could even be behind you. ‘Game over, man!’

    To add to its cool factor the rifle is ‘reloaded’ by tilting it back – but hurry, this game is seriously frantic and the aliens are everywhere. ‘They’re coming outta the walls!’ If you think playing with the AppToyz Blaster sounds like living through a nerve-shredding scene from Aliens, you’d be right. You can even collect special weapons and power-ups in game. Swearing a lot and wearing a bandana is entirely optional.

    side view of the gun
    As well as looking suitably out of this world, the lightweight riflefeatures a removable shoulder stock so you can convert it into a hand cannon. ‘Honest boss, there was an alien on your desk.’ It even boasts two, yes two, triggers – one for lasers, the other for missiles. Excited? You should be because the AppToyz Blaster is one of the most spectacularly entertaining iPhone mash ups we’ve ever seen. Indeed it makes playing Angry Birds seem positively prehistoric. ‘Aargh, alien, 6 o’clock!’

    *Still awesome but you’ll miss out on the augmented reality bit.

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