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Apothecary Wash

Cleanse as nature intended. Sort of.

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    Despite the fanciful claims of toiletry manufacturers, most exotic bodywashes are formulated and controlled in some factory in Slough. For this reason, until recently, shower time here at Firebox HQ involved a brisk once over with a block of coal tar soap. We say until recently because our cynicism regarding all things exotic has been well and truly rinsed down the plughole by the invigorating and sophisticated Apothecary range of natural bodywashes. And when we say natural, we really mean it!

    Apothecary Made by our good friends at Edible (the people who brought you a whole host of outlandish but delicious delights), the luxurious Apothecary range has been created with the nature-loving bathroom-goer in mind. Indeed, you might feel like wearing a pith helmet and fig leaf when you first venture into the shower clutching your 75ml bottle of Apothecary bodywash - which would be a shame as all four varieties double up as shampoo.

    Apothecary So what makes these weird and wonderful bodywashes so different from the ones you see on supermarket shelves? Well basically, some of Mother Nature's rarest ingredients - queen ant royal jelly to much-coveted monkey-picked tea - have been tracked down and utilised to create a range of exotic concoctions that are designed to invigorate, stimulate, relax, cleanse and tone. But don't say urgh, say aah, because they make lathering up with most of today's chemical-heavy bodywashes seem about as natural as brushing your teeth with toxic waste.

    The special ingredients within each Apothecary product are sourced from the four corners of the globe and you can rest assured you're lathering-up with nature's finest fauna and flora every time you deposit a dollop on your shower puff.

    Apothecary Queen ant royal jelly is another of nature's rarities, high in energy-loaded formic acid. The additional zest of expired fruit acid is ideal for oily skin.
    Apothecary Monkey-picked tea is a powerful antioxidant, and osmanthus, a rare Chinese flower resin, is said to soothe the mind.
    As you can see, despite the unusual ingredients, each rich, back to basics blend refreshes the parts other bodywashes cannot reach and invigorates in a way most toiletries can only dream of. Take a liquidiser and a pile of rare ingredients into the shower? Not us, we just Apothecary and go!

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