Aphrodisiac Therapy Candle
  • Aphrodisiac Therapy Candle

Aphrodisiac Therapy Candle

Love is in the air

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    Aphrodisiac Therapy Candle

    Time for some lurvin' baby

    Hey baby. We're in a Barry White kinda mood. So do us a favour and read this in a seductive, really low voice, you dig. Why? Because Firebox HQ is currently filled with the gorgeously sexy aroma of the Aphrodisiac Therapy Candle. And hot-diggity, it's mighty fine.

    This sensual column of hand-poured 100% natural wax is infused with a wick-pinchingly romantic blend of essential oils, and it's the ideal way to inject of bit of ooh-la-la into your home. After all, creating a romantic mood isn't easy when your boudoir smells of wet dog, air freshener and last night's kebab - and we're not just talking to all you ladies because this wonderfully luxe candle is for men too.

    Aphrodisiac Therapy Candle

    A handy stimulator

    As its name suggests, the Aphrodisiac Therapy Candle invigorates the parts other candles can't reach because its aromatic ingredients work in harmony with the body to balance, soothe and energise.

    The main ingredient is cardamon, a great stimulator that can revive tired senses and ward off fatigue. Add spicy black pepper and a shot of sultry patchouli and you're looking at a high quality candle that is guaranteed to intensify your urge to merge.

    Aphrodisiac Therapy Candle

    Love tips included!

    An ideal gift for anyone who loves to lurve, this fabulously decadent candle has a burn time of 40 hours, giving even the clumsiest lothario ample opportunity to set the mood. It even comes in a glass holder and is finished with a natural cotton wick.

    Speaking of cheap innuendo (and we have been), if you do find it necessary to extol the virtues of your wick in order to consummate an evening, we strongly recommend you read the candle's accompanying booklet of seduction ideas. It's full of little gems. But you won't see them unless you get ordering. Flame on!

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