Anyroom Wireless Speaker System
  • Anyroom Wireless Speaker System

Anyroom Wireless Speaker System

Pumping house music

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    Close up of the Ultra Slim Remote Transmitter

    Ultra-slim transmitter

    Never mind wiring up the whole house with an expensive sound system. Just beam your favourite music straight from your iPod or iPhone to the Anyroom Wireless Speaker System.

    Simply plug the ultra-slim remote transmitter into your iPod or iPhone and cue your music. The tiny transmitter will easily beam the audio signal though walls, ceilings and floors to virtually any room in the house. The stereo speaker module (wherever you’ve put it) will pick up the signal and convert it into CD quality stereo sound.

    scale/carry handle

    The perfect portable speaker system

    What’s more, the whole system is expandable. Add more speakers and you can treat every room in the house to your favourite tracks, while controlling the volume and EQ from your mobile device.

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