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Anti-Gravity Platform
  • Anti-Gravity Platform

Anti-Gravity Platform

Gravity, what gravity?

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    Anti-Gravity Platform

    Levitating globe

    The last time we saw an anti-gravity platform Duck Dodgers was standing on it alongside Marvin Martian. So imagine our surprise when we clapped eyes on a real one. Yes, sci-fi fans, the gobsmackingly impressive Anti-Gravity Platform is here and it’s set to blow your mind, twist your melon and bamboozle your noodle with its incredible floaty-woaty trickery.

    Do not adjust your eyes because thanks to several powerful magnets this amazing mains-powered device is capable of mimicking the effect of anti-gravity, levitating and slowly rotating a globe above its mirrored, LED-laden base. Wow! It takes a little practice to balance the globe but once you get the hang of it you’ll be making a right Dr Evil of yourself. It’s the perfect desktop companion for megalomaniacs bent on world domination (they said as they raised a little finger to their lips).

    Anti-Gravity Platform

    Use the Anti-Gravity Platform to showcase your nik-naks

    If floating globes aren’t your thing, you can use the Anti-Gravity Platform to showcase your nick nacks (no sniggering). Simply flip open the globe, remove the magnetic platform within and gasp in amazement as whatever item you fancy (up to 85g) floats and rotates in mid-air aboard said platform: toy cars, Stephen Hawking action figures, engagement rings, pictures of William Shatner, apples (Sir Isaac who?), Blue Peter badges…the possibilities are endless.

    Anti-Gravity Platform

    Levitating Sackboy

    If you are still scratching your head in disbelief, join the club. This really is one of the most impressive gizmos we’ve ever seen. Any guest who fails to slap their forehead in awe can only be a time-travelling lizard person who’s seen it all before. Or a boring misery guts who still wouldn’t be impressed if Mick Jagger emerged from the globe, dropped his trousers and performed Insania via the medium of wind alongside Hitler in drag and a naked David Van Day. And let’s face it, that would be pretty impressive.

    We digress. The point is the Anti-Gravity Platform is the ideal way to show off your favourite bits and bobs whilst marvelling at the wonders of modern science. Float on!

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