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Annoying Monsters
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Annoying Monsters

They know a song that’ll get on your nerves...

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    Banished from their own planet for being too flipping irritating, the Annoying Monsters have landed on earth. And they’re ready to live up to their name. Just give these super soft plush characters a squeeze (or a prod) and not only will they mimic what you say, they’ll also giggle, scream, burp and break wind – and all at the worst possible moments. In fact, these little tykes have trouble written all over them. That’s why we love ‘em!

    Pressing record button

    Press the swirl on their hand to start recording

    Recording your voice

    Record your voice and press the swirl again to stop recording

    toy repeating voice back

    Annoying Monster will reapeat what you say in a hilarious voice 3 times

    Great gifts for your own troublesome little monsters, these bright and colourful critters are bound to amuse and infuriate in equal measure. Ignore them and they’ll even pretend to fall asleep and snore loudly. Thankfully there’s an ‘off’ button for when the giddy gibberish gets too much. Ah, if only the same could be said for the kids.

    Different colours available

    Characters available (from L - R): Aggrevating Alfred, Irritating Ethel, Bothersome Boris,
    Infuriating Igor & Pestering Percy

    More detail and specification