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Pet Cemetery

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  • Now you know what happens to animals during a zombie outbreak
  • Own the cute and decaying creations of a mad scientist
  • Each putrefied plush has its own endearing quirks
  • Removable innards, detachable brains and body parts


Hundreds of zombie blockbusters and yet no one has ever really tackled the animal side of things. Whatever happened to them?

As soon as the apocalypse took hold, it seems that a particularly crazy scientist made a b-line for the local zoo and got a little bit experimental with a horde of unwitting creatures. He named his cute and slightly-deranged creations – Animazombs. These festering plushes are zombified version of their former selves; replete with scars, gaping wounds and protruding bones.

All of them thoroughly ravaged by decay and endowed with their own endearing quirks – a Giraffe with a snapped neck and a comedy-sized bone poking out, a friendly Elephant with a removable brain beneath his fez and a Rabbit with a carrot rammed into the hole where his ear used to be.

Having escaped his laboratory they're now looking for a new home, and whilst they may try to feast upon your brains while you sleep, they mean well. Honest.

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Average 2.5/5 stars
  • "Very good, better than expected."
    David - 15th of April, 2015
  • "It's amazing really good my girlfriend loves it."
    David - 24th of February, 2015