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Animated LED Art Cube Light
  • Animated LED Art Cube Light

Animated LED Art Cube Light

Trip(py) the light fantastic

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    Get hypnotised by the lights

    Chillaxing and zoning out can be tricky when you spend all day surrounded by gadgets, games and geeks. But don’t feel too sorry for us because we’ve found an amazing new way to de-stress and drift off into a mind-mushingly relaxing dimension. And no, it doesn’t involve licking frogs, staring into some weirdo’s eyes or listening to Ibiza Anthems IV. It involves gawping at a cube.

    Inspired by several celebrated art installations, the Animated LED Art Cube Light is a transparent acrylic cube containing 64 LEDs that blink, morph and change colour as you stare in slack-jawed wonder. It really is psychedelically atmospheric in any room.

    complex circuitry

    Look at those circuit boards!

    Underwhelmed? You won’t be because this mesmerising mains-powered oojamiflip has to be seen to be disbelieved. Pictures really can’t do it justice – something you’ll rapidly appreciate when you notice the puddle of drool forming beneath your open gob as you gaze, trance-like, at its ever-changing 3D display. It really is a fantastic way to relax and forget about everyday nonsense.

    lots of colours!

    64 LED's with over 1000 colours!

    Each one of the Cube’s brilliant LEDs will produce over 1000 colours, and it won’t repeat a single pattern in its trippy half-hour show. Yes, it looks a bit like a stylish update of Orac off Blake’s 7 (get Googling, kids) crossed with a fish tank full of fireflies, but stick it on your desk or position it on a shelf and we guarantee you’ll be spellbound in seconds.

    With an LED Art Cube by your side, zonking out without medical or professional assistance has never been easier. You won’t even have to learn how to use it – just switch it on or off. You are feeling relaxed…your mind is empty…your stress is lifting…ommmmmm!

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